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About THV

The Happy Vendor was and is a Vendor’s Social Discussion website (2009) that is now transforming into a reliable affordable independent vendors e-commerce website. We are brick and mortar vendors who literally do not need the Internet for anything. We sell in person at music festivals, car-free days, Hospitals, and Universities.

Dissect this:

Happiness is the experience that comes as a result of good transactions between buyers and sellers. A happy vendor is priced right (competitively), sells right (honestly), delivers right (on time).

A Happy Vendor operates its business with a goal of the lowest chargebacks or complaints. They do this by how they treat their customers with due respect. To measure this their customers’ satisfaction is recorded with the

  • 1. Product Quality
  • 2. Service Reliability
  • 3. Delivery Efficiency
  • 4. After Sales Support,
  • 5 General Price Point Value.

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ENGAGE means so much more. It means you can become a buyer, a vendor, or a beneficial associate. Since we are real people with a president with 35 years experience and a core council of 185 years experience in fair trade, to engage with THV is a versatile and expanding opportunity. This also means we do no business with strangers. To engage with a person is a real experience where both parties get to know each other on some personal level. We do business with friends. We trade with friends and friendly people. You can’t be a stranger when you want to do something real and fun together.

For those main reasons, THV shop is only viewed by people who register. It is not easily searched by search engines by intention. We do not think it is wise to rely on people and companies outside our control. If we depend on google instead of person to person referral, then they control where we appear in the public market. That is unwise, to say the least. Instead, we depend on you to tell two friends and to do that asap as part of our plan to duplicate our exclusive audience.

In the world we live in now it is prudent to build a brick and mortar business and not to rely on servers and website alone to function. If our website goes down nothing happens to stop our delivery of your purchase. Facebook or Google will not dictate to our business model, or any other the for-profit man in the middle services.

These out of our control third parties have been caught colluding with media which has enslaved politics everywhere; or is it the other way around. These people serve no good in trade and society and cannot be entrusted with so much power over others. We try not to give away our power because that is the best advice for an individual as it is for the group.

You make no money and gain no value when you deal with “free” services online BECAUSE they are fundamentally inclusive. If something includes everyone it benefits no one. Free for all is wealth for work for none. If everyone has one it’s not special anymore, it saturates the market place and loses value until it can no longer be delivered at those rock bottom offers.

Exclusivity is wealth. In a one-horse town, the one Farrier has that exclusive skill to provide a business service. If everyone could do it, there would be no business. Thank goodness we don’t have to learn to do everything and we reward people with exclusive skills and mental state. You can’t make everyone happy but it is possible inside any exclusive group when that is what the group wants for itself.

Why so Deep?

The point is if you have a little of the philosophy you can see why we do things our way. High tech meets high touch. Maybe you will see the reasons we build trust by our actions and then count on loyalty to spread the world that we are an alternative to craigslist and Facebook, something simpler than eBay and Amazon.

Because of the core philosophy at the Happy Vendor if you trade one item a month you don’t pay a commission or for the hosting of your account and inventory. After the first free transaction, you only pay when you make a sale, (or anyone else makes it for you).

You can support the serves and systems by reducing your rate of commission with a couple of monthly feature added plans. in the near future, we will à la carte these features so that you only pay a few dollars a month as possible by sharing the cost of said features between all active vendors.